For the first time, the Volkswagen Group reports more than six million vehicle deliveries in the first nine months

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  • 6.11 million vehicles delivered in period to September – 13.9 percent rise
  • 13.3 percent increase in deliveries for month of September to 751,900 units
  • Group Board member for Sales Christian Klingler: “A key milestone on the way to eight million vehicles sold this year”

Wolfsburg — In the first nine months of the year, the Volkswagen Group held its own in world automobile markets and boosted deliveries by 13.9 percent to 6.11 (5.36)* million vehicles. Deliveries in the month of September also developed well for Europe’s largest automaker with 751,900 (663,300; +13.3 percent)* vehicles handed over to customers.

“We are very pleased with the development of the Group. Delivering six million vehicles in nine months represents a key milestone on the way to reaching our annual target of eight million vehicles sold in 2011,” Group Board member for Sales Christian Klingler stated. “We are also expecting very good delivery figures for the fourth quarter. We continue to keep a close eye on developments in global automobile markets, some of which are highly volatile,” Klingler added.

Positive developments in growth markets continue

The Group reported encouraging delivery figures for the Asia / Pacific region, where 1.92 (1.64; +17.3 percent) million vehicles were handed over to customers in the first nine months, of which 1.69 (1.48; +14.6 percent) million units were delivered in China, the region’s largest single market.

In North America, sales in January to September rose by 21.4 percent to 485,400 (399,800) vehicles, of which 322,000 (267,500; +20.4 percent) units were delivered in the U.S. market. The Volkswagen Group handed over 700,900 (640,200; +9.5 percent) vehicles in the South America region during the same period.

In Europe, Group brands recorded an increase of 10.8 percent to 2.77 (2.50) million vehicles delivered in the period to September. In Western Europe (excluding Germany), 1.52 (1.43; +6.3 percent) million customers took possession of a new vehicle. In its home market of Germany, Europe’s largest automotive group grew deliveries by 12.3 percent to 864,400 (769,900) units. The company again reported high growth in Central and Eastern Europe, where 390,000 (304,100; +28.3 percent) vehicles were handed over to customers from January to September.

All brands grow deliveries in the period to September

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 3.81 (3.39; +12.3 percent) million vehicles in the period to September. The brand enjoyed particularly strong growth in Central and Eastern Europe (+46.0 percent), North America (+22.2 percent) and Asia / Pacific (+13.9 percent).

Audi delivered 973,200 (829,300; +17.4 percent) vehicles worldwide in the first three quarters. The premium brand from Ingolstadt performed especially well in the regions of North America (+17.2 percent) and South America (+35.8 percent) as well as Asia / Pacific (+27.9 percent).

The Škoda brand delivered a total of 664,800 (569,000; +16.8 percent) vehicles in the period to September. The Czech automaker enjoyed particularly strong growth in Central and Eastern Europe (+16.7 percent) and in the Asia / Pacific region (+29.6 percent).

SEAT delivered 266,800 (258,900) vehicles worldwide from January to September, an increase of 3.1 percent. The Spanish brand reported growth in particular in Germany (+26.8 percent), France (+17.4 percent) and Great Britain (+10.4 percent).

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles deliveries grew by 25.5 percent to 389,900 (310,700) units from January to September. The brand reported good unit sales in particular in Central and Eastern Europe (+43.3 percent), Asia / Pacific (+47.1 percent) and South America (+30.1 percent).

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